The best places to live in Ft. Worth are found near schools and areas where there are many job prospects. For each person, this will vary depending on personal factors. The entire city of Fort Worth is full of great options. Both new and old real estate still stand, including apartment buildings, duplexes, condos, townhouses and single-family homes. There are plenty of jobs in the city, as well as shopping, nightlife venues, restaurants, and schools.

Downtown Ft. Worth is one of the most popular places to live, especially for those who plan to work in the downtown area. Plenty of jobs exist downtown, thanks to all of the corporations, production companies and population of the vicinity. Students who are just finishing college will find this is an excellent area to live for high-paying employment opportunities, which are only afforded to those who hold degrees. Fort Worth apartments are a perfect choice for college students. They are affordable and many are located within walking distance from the nearest schools. There are several Fort Worth apartments that offer split leases and services to assist in finding roommates, making it much easier to live in Downtown Ft. Worth or any other area near a school. Plenty of college-friendly nightlife venues are found in the Downtown Fort Worth area also.

Much of the Ft. Worth real estate is appealing to families. There are plenty of good neighborhoods with highly-rated schools and many family attractions in Fort Worth. Homes are close to shopping and restaurants, as well as attractions and parks. Most neighborhoods have safe and clean parks for children to play in. Families seeking Ft. Worth real estate find this attribute especially attractive, as parents know it is important for children to have a safe and fun place to exercise and soak up the sun. Most of the restaurants near family areas are all family-friendly, with few bars or other nightlife venues. This makes the residential areas fairly quiet, especially at night. The best places to live in Ft Worth for families with young children will always be single-family homes. Many apartment complexes are home to college students and single people.