Living in Ft. Worth provides for a large selection of schooling choices. There are over 200 public schools in Ft. Worth, which includes a variety of school types. Aside from traditional schools there are Montessori schools, charter schools, and magnet schools. In this way students of any kind of learning style can receive a good education. Here are just a few of the public schools that students can choose from.

Out of the more than 200 schools in the Fort Worth area, over 100 of them are Grade schools. Some of the higher rated ones are Tanglewood Elementary and Waverly Park Elementary School.

There are about 50 middle schools in the area.  Most schools in the area have some of the highest test rankings in the state. The two schools with the best rankings are Hillwood Middle School and Parkwood Hill Intermediate School both in the Keller area.

In the Fort Worth area, there are many high schools. Aside from the charter schools, the high school with the highest rankings in the area is Boswell High School. There's also Paschal High School, Castleberry High School, Arlington Heights High School, and many more.

If a student is looking for a magnet school providing technical-based education, there's Trimble Technical School in Downtown Fort Worth.

If students require a different educational style, they can attend the East Fort Worth Montessori Academy. It is a K-5 charter school that has been made available as one of the public schools in Ft. Worth.

Charter and magnet schools are both readily available to students in Ft. Worth. Some examples of charter schools in the area are the Treetops School International in Bedford, the Pinnacle School, and the Richard Milburn Academy. Magnet schools include the Ft. Worth Academy of Fine Arts and the Harmony Science Academy.

Ft. Worth's diversity and high stands make it a great place to go to public school. No matter what kind of education a child needs, it can be found in the wide array of public schools in Ft. Worth, Texas.