The downtown area is one of the best places to shop in Ft Worth. There are several types of shops and department stores that are recognized nationally in Downtown Ft Worth. Buy shoes, clothing, accessories, handbags and several other types of merchandise in this area. Some stores offer designer clothing, while others offer discount garments. There is plenty of variety, making it a versatile enough area to entice shoppers of all backgrounds, tastes and budgets. Local vendors and merchants also have store fronts or temporary stands set up.

For the art lovers, Downtown Ft. Worth has a lot of great local art. Art enthusiasts who are continually searching for that unique piece of modern, contemporary or abstract art, will find multiple expressions of talent in Downtown Ft Worth. Furniture, souvenirs and nearly every other type of popular merchandise can be found downtown, which is why it is one of the best places to shop in Ft Worth.

True to the Texas cowboy spirit, shops near the historically-famous Stockyards sell interesting souvenirs with a western theme. It is also possible to buy memorabilia and collectible items when the Stock Show is in session there. The Stockyards define the heritage of Fort Worth more than any other place in the city. For some of the best shopping in Ft Worth and some of the best Western-wear in Texas, visit the shops near the Stockyards.

While shopping in Ft Worth is fun, there are also good shopping opportunities in nearby Bedford. Some of the shops there are modern chain stores, while others are private boutiques and family-owned businesses. This area of Texas has some rich history. Many of the merchants who operate there have owned their shops for a long time, keeping them alive throughout family generations. These are the best types of places to shop for unique merchandise. Antique lovers will especially enjoy a trip to Bedford. There are also several great places to buy antiques in Fort Worth. Most of the antique stores in Fort Worth don't have the same interesting backgrounds as those in Bedford, but they are still worth visiting.