There are an endless list of fun summer activities in Ft. Worth, Texas. This city is a great destination for family summer vacations, getaways for couples or even groups of friends traveling. Families who are unable to take a vacation together will also find that Ft. Worth offers several great camps for kids. Children of all ages may attend, depending on each camp's individual policy, but there are many locations to choose from. Outdoor activities are on the agenda at these camps. Some have crafts themes, others have fitness themes and some may focus on survival and wilderness camping. Camps are great places for kids to make new friends from other states, cities or cultures.

For an endless list of things to do outdoors, Ft. Worth will never disappoint. This city is rich in natural entertainment. There are plenty of family friendly summer activities in Ft Worth. Families will enjoy hiking, horseback riding, miniature golf, swimming, fishing, camping and outdoor sports. There are also several family friendly museums. These locations are optimal for children who want to learn about the city's lengthy history. Learn about the part Fort Worth played during the days of the Old West, the Alamo and even ancient history. Also learn about the history of Texas. Many remnants can be seen of days gone by. For a fun outdoor adventure that is free, research and construct a list of them, then visit each one. There are plenty of other things to do outdoors.

During the summer months, there are often carnivals and circuses that visit Fort Worth. Rides, games, snacks and other fun attractions are included in the traveling carnivals. Most circuses that visit Fort Worth have a wide array of entertainment, including exotic animals. Children and parents alike will enjoy the captivating performances. Ft. Worth also has several beautiful outdoor parks. Families enjoy picnics and sporting activities in the parks. Most of them feature picnic tables, grills and play equipment for kids, offering a peaceful day. Some neighborhood parks also have wading or swimming pools. The possibilities are endless for summer activities in Ft Worth!